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Crystal Artworks Product Policy

Purpose of this policy statement

This statement outlines the nature of the products provided for sale on this site. It also outlines the intended purpose of all products provided here. This statement is included purely for information purposes only. It does, however, outline some important points regarding the provision of products. Nothing in this policy statement should be considered to specifically relate to either privacy policy or site terms and conditions.

I have developed Crystal Artworks with clarity of purpose in mind. As such, this statement is provided in line with this stated purpose.

Developer statement

I, Stuart J Small, have developed all original artwork product designs that will be made available via this store. I have also developed this store to showcase these products and make them available for purchase at reasonable prices.

My main focus has been on the creation of unique spiral line art product designs. These products are provided on the basis that they are available to be purchased for colouring and suitable for any age group. All products here are original, are my own complete work and are subject to copyright as appropriate.

I do have plans to include other products here in future. However, all products will relate to the core theme of being creativity related, or related to my main focus.

Product pricing

It is my aim to ensure that products are priced to reflect the time involved in creating the designs provided here, and making them widely available. Pricing structure is also intended to ensure that I am able to continue offering new, and varied, products here in the long-term future.

Please be aware that V.A.T. is not added to products as it is not necessary at this time. However, this should not be taken to mean that V.A.T. will not be added in future.

Range of product options

All designs shown here can be provided in different formats. My original intention was to provide a range of hand drawn designs for direct sale. However, the complexity of some designs makes it challenging to provide large numbers of copies this way.

My aim is to ensure that designs can be supplied in formats that give different options for use. To this end, I am intending to provide the option to download products in addition to having physical products delivered.

Designs are provided on plain white card at 120 to 160 gsm as standard. This weight can easily be handled by most domestic printers. However, physical product options will also extend to hand drawn designs on acrylic or watercolour paper. This provides for those who wish to paint the designs, rather than to use pencils or other options. I do not recommend using such papers with a printer at home, due to the paper thickness. Such options will only be available for postal, or local hand delivery where possible.

Ensuring quality

Every design is created with complete attention to detail. It is my aim to ensure that all designs look as good in print as they do hand drawn. However, due to the process of creating individual hand drawn design copies, no guarantee of achieving the same result each time can be given. Therefore, where orders are made for hand drawn designs, I provide these on the basis that each drawing will be completed to the best of my ability.

All designs are produced using original basic designs that can be created using widely available spiral drawing tools. I have hand produced these prior to scanning them onto computer. As a result, it has been necessary to digitally correct scanned copies to ensure that I am creating more complex designs from the best basic images.

Product range

Spiral line art designs provide a number of challenging possibilities for creating a range of products. Initially, I have created designs on standard paper sizes. These are A4 (29.7cm x 21cm), A5 (21cm x 14.85cm) and A6 (14.85cm x 10.5cm). These are the complex design options featured here.

Individual designs are also featured on what I have chosen to call 'tile cards'. These are 9cm x 9cm card options that can have several finished uses when coloured. They will work best if combined as a set for best effect. However, they are available individually.

Another design option I am working on is bookmark designs. These are for all the traditional book readers out there, who may also be looking for a page keeper they can personalise. In addition to this, I also intend to provide well known puzzles, combined with spiral art designs. These, I simply refer to as puzzle art designs.

Another option I am exploring is to create box designs. These will be typical box templates that, when coloured and made up, can be used as presentation boxes, or just for show.

All designs are produced with the emphasis on creativity, imagination and inspiration.

Product delivery

At the present time, I am only accepting orders from within the United Kingdom. I am personally handling all order processing and dispatch/delivery. Orders will dispatched on a first come, first served basis. Whilst the aim is to dispatch orders as quickly as possible, within 24-72 hours, a large number of orders may result in delays.

Local delivery is available to customers who live in PA1, PA2 and PA3 postal code areas. It is also available to anyone who is able to collect their order personally from me. I would like to arrange local delivery where possible within these areas, so as to efficiently deliver on the same day if I can. Please note, however, that the geographical size of these areas may result in products being posted out instead. I will take care of the cost of doing so. Products can currently be delivered via Royal Mail or, if possible, directly to customers via local delivery option.

If you choose this option, and wish to contact me regarding delivery, you can call me on 0333 050 7032 between the hours of 8am and 5pm

I plan to make products available for download soon. Initially, this is likely to only be designs that are suitable for uploading to mobile colouring apps.

Purpose of products

For the most part, I have intended the products sold here to be for use by any age group or ability. However, I wish to make no specific claims regarding the suitability of any particular design. I consider some designs to be more complex, and therefore challenging, than others.

My spiral line art designs are provided for colouring and personal amusement. This can be achieved at any age, and is particularly beneficial for relaxation. The products are also provided for any purpose for which they may consequentially be used.

This statement is complete as at 10th October 2018. It will be reviewed on a regular basis.

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